Our Volunteers

Lou Riccio, CLT Founder



Professionally, a Wall Street technologist, Lou has over 25 years experience volunteering and driving programs for children's charities, including the Ronald McDonald House of NYC where he received their most distinguished recognition for volunteers, the Hope Award. In 2011, he co-founded Child Life Technology as a network of professional volunteers from technology and health care industries toward collaboration within a medical clinical setting.Working closely with many of the nation's leading hospitals and YAI, Child Life Technology has assisted in the introduction of inexpensive technology-based solutions toward better enabling child life teams to manage the fear and anxiety levels of patients and their families while also facilitating enhanced communications and patient education. Projects range from the creation of customized electronic desensitation materials through to adaptive design of common furniture, equipment and technology. We enjoy our partnership with YAI, an organization responsible for the medical treatment and a wide range of social services for 20,000 people affected by Autism, development disabilities and mental illness. Lou's favorite day of the year is the annual RMDH beach party at his home: https://www.facebook.com/RMHNewYork/posts/10152346594664398


Lu Borges, Leading Expert



Luis L. Borges BFA is the Technology Coordinator for the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department at The Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Hospital in New York. 
He is an IT professional with a background in art therapy and over fifteen years' experience working in a hospital setting with child life specialists, creative arts therapists, and their pediatric patients and families. He has presented at both national and regional conferences on the integration of patient centered technology into pediatric settings. Lu consults with child Life practitioners and departments on the appropriate use of technology and the related education of staff members. He runs open online communities encouraging tech competency for child life specialists and creative arts therapists. Lu's special interest lies in the convergence of technology, patient and family care, creativity, and education.Lu's special interest lies in the convergence of technology, patient and family care, creativity, and education. He has presented on these subjects at numerous conferences and webinars.


Mt. Sinai Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mountsinai.childlife/

Holly Riccio, Creative Director


Presently pursuing a degree in Public and Community Health at Ithaca College, Holly has produced over 20 electronic prep books for some of our nation’s leading hospitals. She is now creating more engaging psycho-social preparation books in iBooks format which feature multimedia and other interactive elements. Holly enjoys combining her artistic  talents and fresh perspective within her technical work, making the information more impactful to the children served. Previously, Holly has served as a member of the Ronald McDonald House of NYC's Youth Leadership Board after several years of involvement at the House and as a Youth Delegate to the United Nations (pictured above). 

 Click here to see Holly discuss the use of technology with a Child Life specialist at Johns Hopkins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExhBFV8hJ5U 

Andrew Santanastaso, Videography



Andrew is an experienced videographer and film maker. After graduating from The University at Albany SUNY in 2015, he has been pursuing a career in film and is currently working at a top Visual FX studio. He is thrilled to use his knowledge and skills toward producing interactive video segments to alleviate anxiety and help children better understand medical procedures.

Paul Fagan, Project Management


A technology project manager, Paul has over 15+ years volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of NYC.  As PMO lead, Paul has managed over 40+ projects and initiatives for our clients. 

Paul was part of the initial team assembled to establish the CLT mission, set strategy and plan the initial framework which was instrumental in our success. Perhaps Paul's most inspired day of the year is his annual trip to Rye Playland Amusement Park for over 160 children being treated for cancer in NYC and their families.

Kia Beckert, CCLS


Child Life Director at NorthShore Evanston Hospital  Kia has over 9 years of experience in the child life field, advisor and presenter for numerous hospitals and technology summits nationwide on the implementation of iPad and virtual patient education programs as well as published articles and presentations on this subject in Chicago Special Parent Magazine, Care Magazine, and Mayo Clinic Health Care Summit for Social Media. kiabeickert@gmail.com  

Here's a short video from Mayo Clinic Health Care Summit for Social Media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHtW3C4TBfY

Volunteers, continued...

Susan Taylor, MS, CCLS


Certified Child Life Specialist , Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth, Susan has been working as a child life specialist at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth in Lebanon, NH for three years. Prior to this, she graduated from Bank Street College’s child life program. She currently works on the inpatient pediatric unit and has past experience in CHaD’s Pain Free sedation unit. Susan is looking forward to further integrating technology into child life practice at CHaD. She is currently developing a system for loaner and therapeutic iPads and driving the creation of electronic preparation materials. 

Matt Ray, MCSD



The Mobile Practice Lead at eImagine, a generous partner company, Matt is the creative mind behind “Nancy’s Magical Treasure Hunt” and the "Wellness App" for journaling chronic care from the patient perspective.  Matt’s unquestionable technical and development skills are dwarfed by his caring heart. A great friend of child life specialists and the children in their care, Matt always puts a positive spin on any project he leads. Perhaps Matt’s greatest skill is showing us all how developing software should be more creative and fun than technical.​


Chris Flood, CCLS


Chris has spent over 20 years in the child life profession, serving as a child life specialist in the PICU and as coordinator of department. Developed and implemented mobile technology in the PICU to prepare patients and families for procedures. Also provided staff training and program implementation with departmental staff. Chris has presented at numerous conferences on a variety of challenges confronting patients and child life professionals. Her most significant contributions to Child Life Technology is her ability to 'ground' all our technology aspirations into something more relevant and comfortable for specialists in the field.  

Amanda Moatz, MEd, CCLS



Amanda is leading our “collective genius of child life” initiative which is a working partnership between over a dozen child life specialists, Child Life Technology and I Get It! Apps. Our objective is to produce an electronic library of up to 100 procedure preparation books which are each expressed in language and pictures appropriate for varying cognitive capabilities (preschool age, school age, teenage, and for patients with developmental disabilities) as well as translated into several common languages .Amanda has been certified as a child life specialist since November 2004. Since then she has had the privilege to work at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital and Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Amanda presented on child life services in outpatient settings at the CLC 31st Annual Conference on Professional Issues and has served as chair of the CLC Evidence-Based Practice and Technology Committees. Amanda is thrilled about all of the opportunities for technology to enhance the services the child life community provides to patients and families. 

Meghna H. Chinnobaiah, Web Master and Quiet Inspiration


Meghna is a senior consultant for Bank of America. Meghna is Child Life Technology's talented Web Master. She takes care of all of our web development needs for childlifetechnology.org. Well beyond these functions, Meghna is the inspiring drive behind so many ideas and projects for which we have no idea what to do when presented with the initial problem. When a child or specialist is involved, Meghna just quietly and modestly persists until something breaks through. There have been so many days we have been thankful she was there for us.

Jane Shaffer, BS, CCLS


Child Life Specialist I and Tablet & Technology Liaison at Children's Hospital of the Greenville Health System. Jane double majored to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and Human Development from Vanderbilt University in 1997. At Levine Children's Hospital (affiliated with Carolinas Medical Center) in Charlotte, NC she completed her internship Summer in 2010. Jane's internship project, developing a mobile recording studio for pediatric patients' use, launched her love and appreciation of technological applications in the hospital setting as well as provided her first experience with the challenges of conceptualizing and implementing a tool that requires collaboration with other departments. In March 2011, she began working full time at Greenville Health System(GHS) in Radiology. Jane has been serving as Tablet/Technology Liaison upon the iPad's arrival in GHS' child life department. Fall 2013 this role will expand with the arrival of Google Glass.

Tomorrow's Leaders

Jesse Flood


A full-time student, Jesse has joined the team to assist child life specialists in designing and delivering electronic prepbooks customized for their respective practice. We are presently working on a format for one- and two-day continuing education workshops for a NYC college. As part of this program, Jesse will be a lead support resource in helping the workshop attendees after they return to work and develop their own electronic prepbooks. 

Chris and Sean, Child Actors and Voice Overs


Our child actors specializing in character voice overs for interactive games. They made their debut with the MRI app and we hope to find many more fun and helpful opportunities for them to help us with. When they are not helping all their friends around the world, Sean and Chris study hard in school and stay very active in basketball, karate, soccer and baseball. 

Christina Patron - Research Assistant at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center’s NICU


Aspiring to develop a career that serves families and children, Christina’s first project with Child Life Technology collaborated with the NICU nursing department and child life specialists at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.  She designed an iBook through Apple that incorporates interactive animation using the “teach back method," allowing parents to not only remember the complete steps on how to take care of their child—ranging from hygiene practices to car safety tips—but is also presented to them in a more fun and interesting way.  Christina currently works as a Research Assistant in the NICU working on various studies, most of them with a specific focus on families’ pastoral care experiences. She is always interested in learning new ways to integrate her love for writing with her interests in health care. 

Honors and Distinctions


Special Olympics World Games

Special Olympics World Games 2015, selected by Bank of America, accompanied by special preschool children and their parents from YAI's NY League Roosevelt School, to carry the Flame of Hope down NY's historic 42nd Street and into Bryant Park. We continue to play an important role in creating respectful and inclusive communities for people with intellectual disabilities as we light the way to a future of acceptance. Victor Calise, Commissioner of NY City Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities, was also celebrating from within our group championed by Bank of America. Click here for inspiration coverage of the event posted on YAI's website. 

YAI "The World of Difference" Award Recipient

Presented with "The World of Difference" award by YAI for contributions toward opening up new possibilities for the organization through the integration of technology at reception for the 2015 Annual Conference on May 4th, 2015. 

United Nations Presentation Hearing and Review for 750 NGOs

First of two presenations at the United Nations, presented during hearing and review for 750 NGOs (non-governmental organization) as part of proposal submitted by the Rutgers Preparatory School. Lou Riccio of CLT is participating within this diverse group. The topic, Educational Technologies Available for Primary and Secondary Schools, will allow us to share how we use technology to connect schools, students, ... at a range of academic levels and abilities, and generally what resources could be used by other NGOs around the world. Child Life Technology will also present opportunities within the clinical setting. The UN session is 90 minutes. After a brief welcome and opening remarks, each group would speak between 5-7 minutes. The UN encourages presenters to not use slides (one per person) and just talk about our respective areas. The presentations should conclude within 45 minutes. The session was also available via live streaming over the web as well as broadcast live on UN TV.  

Tech Programs and MSCHONY and SUNY Downstate

Presented with Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York's "Friend of Child Life" award. 

SUNY Downstate Medical Center Child Life Technology Brings Smiles to Young Patients 

Highlights Annual RMDH of NYC Family Day at the Jersey Shore

2010 Ronald McDonald House of NY Hope Award, Lou Riccio

Around the House, volume 5, issue 2 Feature story announcing distinguished 2010 Hope Award Recipients, including Lou Riccio.